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Healthcare Art has different requirements than mere office space. At The Anderson Art Group we recognize the difference and feel it is necessary to consider the patients, medical staff, employees and visitors. For this reason in each Medical Facility different art is appropriate. The art in an Orthopedic Unit is different than art in a Women's Center or a Behavioral Health Unit. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all who walk through the hospital feel at ease.

It has been established that nature art is the best type of art to facilitate good patient outcomes, and the majority of the people regardless of age, race or culture prefer it. While it has been proven that nature art actually improves patients' well being, nature art, typically landscapes with a fore, middle and background, is what pleases and inspires patients. Specifically, images with calm water, gardens and figurative work are curative. At The Anderson Art Group, our ultimate goal is to create a healing environment for patients, family members, and staff.