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Artwork is the first thing you notice when you enter a room and therefore takes on a great importance. Consequently, The Anderson Art Group is proud to offer you these services:

Art Location

We will view your space and decide on the places art should be located to achieve the greatest impact. We will determine what size artwork is required for the size of the wall and space. If you already have artwork, we can collaborate and properly incorporate it into your facility.


We will look at your office decor and help you choose artwork that will complement your space tastefully. We have a wide variety of sources to choose from, whether you need original art, prints, sculptures or posters. Our selection also encompasses many styles of art, including abstract, contemporary and classical. We will ensure you have artwork that is unique to your space, enhances your office and is within your budget.


Having an attractive and suitable frame can be as important as the artwork itself. We will choose frames that fit the piece of art and enhance its visual qualities.

Delivery & Installation

We work with experienced installers who are prompt and accurate. They can install large, small and complex pieces.